Making Quicktime Movies in Volocity
  1. After making a 3D Reconstruction with HR Rendering, go to "Actions" in menu bar and select "Create New" and then select "Movie Sequence."
  2. On pop-up window called "Untitled Sequence"? drag desired command options on the left into the sequence time frames. For example,
    1. Drag 3D Zoom to 0-15 frame, and double click that command to adjust percentages for zooming in and out.
    2. Drag 3D rotate object under first command in 0-15 frame in order to zoom and rotate simultaneously. Double clicking on the "3D rotate object" command in the sequence frame will allow one to adjust the degrees of rotation in the X, Y, and Z axis as desired.

  3. After sequence of commands are made for each frame, go to "Sequence" in menu bar and select "Make Movie"
  4. Click on the movie file not just the sequence that appears in the library.
  5. Go to "File" in menu bar and select "Export File."
  6. In the dialog box that appears, change format to QuickTime Movie.
  7. Click Options to adjust settings and then click Save.