Image Rendering in Volocity
  1. Open Volocity
  2. Click on "create new library"
  3. Title library and click save so that it saves as xxxx.mvd2 file
  4. In the pop-up window for the mvd2 file, drag in the folder that contains the gallery of tiff images from the OpenLab Stack.
  5. After files have been transferred, double click on the file folder that appears in the library.
  6. Select all the images and find "Properties" in the drop down menubar
  7. Calibrate images by correcting the x,y, and z values. The z value is the sectioning thickness.
  8. To create a volume, select desired number of images and go to "Tools" in menu bar and select "Make Volumes"
  9. Double click on new "untitled image" which will appear in the gallery.
  10. Click on HR Rendering to make 3-D Reconstruction
  11. Then use the navigation window to adjust brightness, density, and blackness level to optimize region of interest.